We are a small-big communication agency based out of India.
We are an agency where people come first, where passion and ingenuity are priced.
Where delivering impactful results come naturally.
Where campaign outcomes are measured and not hours.
Where beautiful stories are crafted.


We are holding onto HOPE.

Hope for humanity to rise again against the pain and loss inflicted due to the pandemic.
Hope for a new and better future.
Hope for a safer world for children.
Hope for all of us to meet again and move together.

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Know us

About the Storytellers

Each person has a story. The only difference between a prodigious storyteller and the not so is how it is narrated!

A great story need not necessarily be unique, but, what’s vital is, how it is delivered. The message has to be distinct and inimitable; the audience has to be right and most importantly the medium has to be precise.

Hi! We are Jefferies and Bain. A ‘small’ ‘big’ communication agency. ‘Small’, because we have an agile squad of the best folks who work assiduously for your success, ‘BIG’ because we deliver big audacious goals!

J&B is amongst the first communication agency to use the Human-centered design (HCD) approach towards understanding and solving the communication conundrum. With the help of proprietary tools, we gain deeper insight into consumer behavior, focusing on aspects of experience and internal dialogue. It helps us uncover unconscious needs and desires and map the customers’ journey in information assimilation, the drivers of information synthesis, and decision making.

To quote Peter Drucker here, “A customer rarely buys what a business thinks it sells him, one reason for this is, nobody pays for a product, what they pay for is Satisfaction!” The moment we realize this and align our brand and communication goals to this line of thought, we can engage with our customers at a much deeper level. J&B’s ability to marry the Threat Perception Matrix to the HCD approach is what defines and separates our intellectual capital because we firmly believe that an effective communication is one that positively impacts the top line.


What we cherish

As a people-centric organisation, we place our people at the heart of everything we do. A happy team equates to happy clients. We only take on mandates where we believe we can make a significant contribution in building Reputation. We believe and invest in Relationships. We aspire to gain your respect and trust by consistently providing top-quality consultation, constantly delivering strategic results, demonstrating a thorough understanding of your business while building an open, honest and lasting professional Relationship.

Meet the Story Tellers


In a career spanning over two decades, Jay has advised some of the most prestigious global and domestic brands in their communication needs. A serial entrepreneur who takes great pride in building new ventures and bringing teams together, he has been the linchpin holding the team together. From lobbying with interest groups to developing strategies to market the brand, the list of his achievements goes on.


Excellent at communications, Archana keeps the team on track with the company goals. Her experience of over 10 years brings to the table an out of the box approach. Her creative bent of mind keeps her busy churning out innovative campaigns to take J&B to the next level!



She is a part of the content team with an expertise in BFSI and IT – both on the client and agency side over the past 6 years. Her love for reading and creating relevant content for end-users let her don several hats – content editor, writer, and planner. Her motto is, “Create content that matters”.


Vinod is a through and through number cruncher who talks only in results. Handling the paid promotions for your brand, Vinod makes sure that your ads run smooth and get you the response you want. With experience in managing multiple brands, your paid promotions could not be in better hands!



A budding designer with crazy ideas, Akash has added great value to the team with his proactive attitude. Skilled in design software, our designer ensures that your brand is looked after in every creative endeavour. In his capable hands, your brand is sure to reach the next level in no time!


Priya Bhor

Priya is a part of the graphic design team. She has 4+ years of experience in creating digital content for various clients. On weekends, she spends time painting as it motivates her to bring more ideas into her day-to-day work. She is a designer who believes in “Design is thinking made visual.”



Nishtha has over 3 years of experience and has written on fashion, travel, stationery, software, and everything under the sun. If you want to revamp your digital presence and add a little ‘spice’ to it, she is the one for you. She is adopted by five (!) cats and loves her stationery, Messi. On the side, she is a doodle artist and has her own little venture.



Latika is a content writer and PR professional with over 11 years of experience. She has worked with some of the leading brands from travel, technology, lifestyle, health and other industry segments from across the globe. Traveling is her true love and she spends maximum time reading and dreaming about destinations on her bucket list. She is a mother of two lovely kids and is working towards raising happy and responsible individuals.


Namrata is an intern and her energy and precision make us better! She’s awesome with data, research and even social media!


An indispensable part of the J&B teams, Ikhlaque makes sure everyone is paid on time, be it employees and clients. He is responsible for maintaining invoices and contracts, and making sure the numbers are right to the T.