We take pride in our work and love it when clients leave happy notes for us appreciating our hard work and passion.

Client Testimonials

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"I got in touch with J&B through a friend in Hyderabad who had spoken very highly of them. I met the team a couple of times to understand their way of working and was amazed. I did not have to think much after meeting them and quickly signed up with them for our PR and marketing. The team at J&B are prompt, innovative and highly creative. They ensured Mr. Milkman was in every publication possible, they drafted our social media really well, and all of this helped us create the brand image we wanted. What J&B was able to achieve was not just a brand image but also increased sales for us. Highly recommend their service to any business or individual who wishes to establish their brand in the Indian and overseas market!"

Samarth Setia
Co-Founder, CEO| Mr. Milkman (Orange Tree Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)

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While working with J&B, we never felt as if they were an external agency. The time they spend learning and integrating with your business makes them an in-house team. The team is all about innovative suggestions and solutions rather than set deliverables only. HTT was positioned as the lead Hyperloop company in India only because of the strategic positioning designed by J&B. It is only through their expertise that we were able to create a compelling narrative about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. Their ability to reach an audience through niche publications and mediums differentiates them from the others. I would highly recommend J&B and the team to whoever is looking for a communication partner because they excel at building a great vision for their clients. J&B is a one-stop solution for a 360-degree outreach program.

Joel Michael
Head of Middle East & Asia, Hyperloop

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